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May 7, 2009
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Phase Phoenix by grid-gunner Phase Phoenix by grid-gunner
Finally I'm done with this. Been taking too long with it. Rough drawings were marinating in my sketchbook for about a year now lol. Supposed to have drawn in the vehicle mode in the background but I'll leave that as something separate for now. Now for a try at a bit of the story to go along with the pic.


The "Phase Phoenix" is a prototype "Armored Mechanical System". Only a few were built. The first prototype was larger but not much is known about it since it mysteriously vanished and the other prototypes are thought to be destroyed by sabotage.

The Phase Phoenix includes an ability known as "phasing". Phasing creates a field that causes any matter within it to vibrate at a particular frequency. This vibration is so intense that it can cause matter to shift in and out of this dimension. Phase tech is unpredictable and can have unexpected results.

The Phase Phoenix is also capable of (ridiculously) separating into 4 smaller flying vehicles; 2 main ships that are piloted and 2 independent drones that have an artificial intelligence system built in to assist the two pilots.

The pair of pilots are some of the last remaining members of an organization called the "Galactic Hounds"(?). At its prime, the Galactic Hounds were filled with mercenaries and treasure hunters from around the galaxy.

[Edited 6-8-09:] Edits to contrast/brightness and other bits.

(a closer look at the mechanical head [link] )
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zacfenderbender Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2009
did you design this??????????
r7ll Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2009
Dude, this is amazin'! Love the mech and character designs :3
What's your technique for your mech drawings? Do you model them fully in 3D and then finish with photoshop?
grid-gunner Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2009
Thanks! Well usually I just draw them in photoshop like this one. But my most recent stuff have been modeled in 3D.
r7ll Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2009
I noticed that you mentioned using Sketchup to model your Jorogumo... that's incredible. I'm still having trouble modelling basic weapons with that program >.<
grid-gunner Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2009
I'm sure you will get the hang of it if you use it more. I recommend watching tutorials on Youtube if you haven't already. For me, I still need to learn alot of things too. :O
r7ll Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2009
Hrmm youtube tutorials. Why didn't I think of that >.< Thanks for the tip bro :3
DonoMX Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2009  Professional
Wow! Excellent work :clap:

Really cool designs, I love the rendering on the girl at the right.
grid-gunner Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2009
Thanks man! :)
Doga-87 Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2009
...(look to smiley...)
El-Bronco Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow! Very Japanese style, I :love: it!!!
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